Filezilla License Agreement

FileZilla and FileZilla Server, as they can be downloaded from, are open source free software distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2 or (depending on your choice) a later version. a. Use FileZilla Pro or FileZilla with cloud protocols in a manner different from that permitted by this agreement. b. manipulate or disrupt the functionality, delivery or operation of FileZilla Pro or FileZilla with cloud protocols during use or installation; c. FileZilla Pro or FileZilla with Cloud Protocols, their components, documentation or any of the rights granted under this License Agreement, to sell, resell, rent, rent, distribute, assign, sublicense or negotiate with FileZilla Pro or FileZilla; d. FileZilla Pro, FileZilla with Cloud Protocols or documentation to be reproduced, reproduced or copied (except for appropriate backup purposes); or e. Export or re-export FileZilla Pro or FileZilla directly or indirectly to a country prohibited by law with cloud protocols. f. Use FileZilla Pro or FileZilla with cloud protocols when operating nuclear facilities, air navigation, air communications, aircraft flight controls, aircraft flight control systems or other devices or systems in which the operator of the aircraft or system or other persons are seriously injured or killed due to a malfunction (including, B. without restriction, delays or failures due to the software) are foreseeable. If the installation does not start automatically, locate and double-click the FileZilla_[version number]_tar.bz2 file on your computer. According to the installation instructions, you will be prompted to accept FileZilla`s General Public License and then select options and a location for your FileZilla files.

When the last step is complete, click Install to install FileZilla on your computer. When the installation is complete, click Close. The indication of the data is mandatory for the conclusion of the agreement. You can`t indicate data that isn`t labeled as mandatory, but you may miss out on opportunities and useful information. Before they started writing the code, they discussed the license under which they should publish it. [6] They decided to make FileZilla an open source project because many FTP clients were already available and they didn`t think they would sell a single copy if they made FileZilla commercial. [6] FileZilla Pro is based on FileZilla, an open source application with similar features that is distributed under the GNU GPL (GPL) license. In some cases, we may not distribute FileZilla Pro under GPL conditions, but in any case, you have the right to obtain a complete set of the corresponding source code of this application for a maximum of three years since you received the item code, without additional price and provided that you reimburse a reasonable fee.

This is a permanent and irrevocable offer. Please note, however, that even the compiled versions do not have the necessary codes to complete the registration process and u2012, although fully functional and without missing functions or other disadvantages, they do not work with some remote servers needed to benefit from the subscription…