Kahu Service Agreement

Your service can also be used by merchants to track and manage inventory. You simply work with Spireon for a one-time installation of the GPS tracking device. Merchants can then sell the Kahu app`s mobile service as an add-on feature, which company representatives said would cover more than installing the GPS tracking device. With Kahu, car dealers collaborate with Spireon to install the GPS tracking device once, which can be used for their warranties and inventory management, and once the car is purchased, dealers can add the Kahu Mobile app service for the car buyer and connect it to the gps tracking device already installed. The cost of the GPS tracking solution is more than covered as soon as the Kahu service add-on is sold. LAS VEGAS, 13 years old. Feb. 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Spireon, the automotive intelligence company, has introduced MyDealer 2.0 for Kahu® with new features that enable dealers to develop the customer-dealer relationship with personalized mobile experiences. This extension of the award-winning kahu Connected Car solution increases customer loyalty through a high-quality mobile app that puts vehicle maintenance and control directly into the hands of the customer.

Customers can now have personalized service memories, arrange appointments, and get a glimpse of their car`s maintenance requirements and history — all in one place — from their mobile phone. MyDealer 2.0 offers comfort and automation by using the dealer`s previous repair order (RO) history, vehicle maintenance plans recommended by the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and precise mileage to push service reminders and enable online calendar or click-to-call via the trusted Kahu-Consumers app. Resellers no longer need to manually create push campaigns for service fixation, as Kahu automatically generates these messages and sends them to customers. Ultimately, this reduces the overhead of service commitments and improves fixed profit to cope with margin compression in retail. The kahu Connected Car experience is even better now! In this small update, we allow you to change the color of the vehicle if it has been misunderstood! In the profile area, simply click Edit to make this change. We`ve made it our mission to make Kahu the best connected car app in the world. We would love to hear from you. Say hello! or write us a comment: kahuappreiew@spireon.com While most of the connected car services offered today depend on the user to connect a device to the on-board diagnostic port (OBD-II) of a car that can be easily removed by a thief and sometimes invalidate the warranties of car manufacturers, the Kahu device is professionally installed by the car dealer, which makes it possible to optimize the implementation process, So consumers can easily download the app and connect their smartphone to their car without complicated equipment. I have good credit. As r_u_dinkleberg already mentioned, this is a LoJack GPS and is a mandatory dealer option for all cars in that dealership.

It would be understandable if their terms of use only provided for permission to collect and use „GPS data“. What worried me was the authorization to collect and use „information on itinerant or itinerant offenses, traffic violations or vehicular traffic violations.“ The Kahu service includes a device installed on the car that connects to the car`s location and driving data and then transmits all that information to a user`s smartphone app. The Kahu app then displays valuable information in real time and provides access to flight recovery services, driving warnings and much more. This version makes connecting with your reseller easier than ever. You can now do all of the following steps directly through your Kahu app:• Tap to call your dealer• Visit the dealership`s site• Schedule service dates• Get directions While many new vehicles from manufacturers contain connected car features, Kahu offers every dealer or buyer a service that adds smart features to every car. . . .