Saskatchewan Business Nominee Program Retainer Agreement

The following types of businesses are considered ineligible for the SINP Entrepreneur category: The Saskatchewan government makes the final decision on SINP appointments. If successful applicants wish to obtain permanent resident status at the IRCC, they are identified as SINP candidates. Each year, the SINP welcomes a maximum number of candidates in each category. This helps to make the program more effective. This category is intended for people who wish to immigrate to Canada through the Saskatchewan Nominee program by actively operating a business or agriculture in Saskatchewan. In order for a company in this category to be considered eligible, all of the following criteria must be met: applicants must develop a Business Establishment Plan (PEP) explaining how they are moving into and within the Saskatchewan area. The proposed business must meet certain criteria, including the creation of at least two employment opportunities for Canadian citizens or permanent residents. After a farm of at least 6 months in Saskatchewan, the contractor can be appointed for permanent resident status. Interested applicants must first submit an expression of interest (EOI) via the online sinp portal. After registering a profile, the candidate obtains a score based on the SINP business ranking system. Candidates with the most competitive scores are invited to submit an official application to the program.

As soon as an applicant receives a letter siNP Entrepreneur Approval Letter, they must apply for a Temporary Work Permit (TWP). With the TWP, the applicant can arrive in Saskatchewan and create or purchase the planned transaction. Applicants must also attend an arrival meeting in Saskatchewan within 18 months of receiving the SINP Entrepreneur Approval letter, with the application closed. After six months of activity and compliance with BPA, he can apply for a provincial appointment. The applicant must be legal in Canada during this period – the NPS recommends that applicants stay on their TWP for at least six months when applying to be appointed. After the appointment is granted, the applicant can apply to the federal government for permanent resident status in Canada. Businesses to avoid: real estate rentals, investments, leasing, real estate, insurance, professional services, up-to-date loans, banks, home businesses and passive income companies. We are looking for people who want to play an active role and work in the business. Applicants who close or sell their business after obtaining an appointment to the NPS and who have obtained their permanent residence before having their permanent residence are revoked.